We Stop Foreclosures

We buy the house subject to existing financing. We bring the mortgage current by paying the back payments and stop the foreclosure.

We Sell the House

We prepare and sell the house at market price. We pay you some of your equity when we buy the house from you and the rest of the agreed upon amount when we sell the house.

Lease-Option Is an Option

If the house is underwater and short-sale is not an option, we rent the property out with an option to buy. The term can be two to ten years.


Foreclosure Help

We provide relief to homeowners in pre-foreclosure stage, by buying their houses and catching up with their payments to stop the foreclosure. We save the homeowners credit by stopping the foreclosure and helping the homeowner walk away with cash in his\her pocket.

We can close and stop the foreclosure in a week. If the seller has equity in the house, we will pay some of it at the closing. Next, we start preparing the house for the market. After we sell the house, we pay the rest of the agreed-upon amount to the seller.

In Case The House Is Underwater

If the loan amount on the house is higher than the value of the house, first we will attempt a short sale. If the bank does not accept it untilĀ  one week before the foreclosure date, we might cancel the purchase or follow through with the purchase with the understanding that we will lease the property out with an option to buy. Depending on how much over-leveraged the house is, the lease term could be anywhere from two years to ten years.


Ready to stop the foreclosure?

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