Foreclosed Due to Bad Health

It was a cool October morning in 2016. I had decided to stop by a house in Herndon, VA that was headed to foreclosure in 10 days. I was curious because there was significant equity in the house.

I parked my car by the road and proceeded towards the house. There were four rusting trucks and SUVs in the driveway. Their tires were going flat. The lawn has been clearly unkept for a good while. As I made my way towards the front door, I couldn't help noticing that there were no curtains or blinds at the windows and rooms in house were filled with garbage.

I knocked on the door once. No response. I knocked on the door twice. No response. I was convinced that the house was vacant. As I was walking towards the house, I noticed a neighbor in his front yard. I caught up with him and asked him what the deal with the house was. He said the person who lived there got into bad health. He lost his job. His girlfriend moved out. And he still lives there.

So I went back. I knocked on the door intermittently for a couple minutes. Finally the door opened and a man younger than I expected looked from behind the door. During our conversation I learned that the house was foreclosed on by an inferior creditor two months prior and somebody actually bought the house. The foreclosure notice which made me stop by was coming from the primary mortgage. He told me that he was so sick, he wasn't able to check his mail. He heard about the foreclosure on the day of the auction from a neighbor of his. He told me "I wish you stopped by two months ago". I wish.

There wasn't much I could do for him. After the chat I got in my car and got back to work.

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